Resso Mod Apk v3.4.0 [Premium/No Ads] latest Version Download

I know you guys’ love listening to songs, but when you use any application to listen to songs, there are lots of ads in it. That’s why, friends, you should get rid of all those things. I have brought you the Resso Premium version app, and it is a wonderful app. If you guys know about the Resso app, then you have visited this website, and you also need the Resso Premium apk. So, friends, read this post carefully and learn how to use it, how to download it, and everything else about Resso. What, after all, is the Resso app? How many premium features are you going to get? I am going to tell you everything in this post. So, friends, let me tell you one more thing.

Resso app is a premium application, and here you will get a lot of songs which you will be able to listen inside its application. And many wonderful effects, features are going to be available to you inside the Resso app. So, stay tuned in this post and read very carefully how to download the Resso app.


Updated onJuly 2, 2023
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0 and up
Downloads100,000,000+ downloads
Offered byMoon Video Inc.
Premium featuresUnlocked/No Ads
Size76.43 MB

Friends, you must have heard the name of Spotify sometime or the other, but it costs a lot of money, so our Android users use the resso app. This is a free application. I agree that Spotify is also free, and you can listen to songs in that too, but friends, it is not about singing. When you sit listening to songs, there are a lot of ads in Spotify. Which also changes our mood. Friends, when you use the resso app, ads have started coming in that too, but earlier ads were not available on the resso app, so I want to add you from my side. Let me give you a free app, through which you can listen to songs comfortably. In the Resso app.

What does it do?

Friends, it is important to ask you too. What will happen in this app after all? What are the features of the app that I am going to give at the end? Does it have effects, and is it useful to use or not? So, friends, if you download this application, you will be able to download any song in it, and that too very easily and in any quality. In this, you can download any song in high quality, like a Hollywood song, a Bollywood song, a Telugu song, or any training song that comes in the Reso app, and you can easily save it in your gallery through this application.


Hello friends, how are you? I know you become tired and depressed due to busy life and wants some rest with good vibes. So, I hope you are finding an app that change your mood. So don’t worry I am here to solve your problem. I’m introducing you a wonderful app that changes your off mood into happiness mood that’s name is Resso. Yes my dear friend. This app has many wonderful features that hepls you to entertain yourself and become free from this busy life.

Explain about the app

Resso is an music app that is worldwide famous. This app has millions of active users for music only and this app gives you a lot of a special features for their users. So I hope you would like to listen music and music has so many categories like pop Jazz rock hip hop and many other according to your choice.

This app has many new and old songs that will brighten your mood, and you won’t have to go anywhere to listen to music. This is the top 10 music app in the world. As a result, there are many users. This app is very simple to use and runs smoothly because of its awesome optimization. The users also like this app very much, and I hope you will also like it. Resso is a wonderful app, and their interference is awesome, so you can run it as easily as you want. This app has many features that we will go over in detail so that your interest is piqued. Let’s talk about its awesome feature.

Special feature of Resso App

Provide you awesome music library.

Resso is worldwide famous music and radio app. It has use collection of songs that never make you bore and always entertain you as for your mood. This app has great music library, so you have not to go anywhere for new songs. And the songs are updated the lyrics of the song is also given fully not less. So, you can sing the song with listening with music without any hesitation or you have not gone anywhere for lyrics. Also, you can create your own playlist without any restriction this app gives you lot of special features. That’s make your living excited, and this app has also many channels of radio. So, the radio is also involved in it. Wow what a app this is your wonderful.

You can create your Own lyrics and Quotes

This app also providing you to create your own lyrics and quotes without any restriction. That’s make this app wonderful. And also provide you special features for writing style, colors, shapes, and much many things. And you can create your own post and get likes and comments from your lovers. So this app is very crazy gives you complete and complete feature to entertain you. So don’t wait get install the app and make your life wonderful lovely songs.

Absolutely free

After knowing these all features, now you are thinking this app is premium or free. My dear friend this this is fully free and you can install this app from my website. A lot of apps for premium but this is absolutely free for you. I will give you some guidance how to install this app on your mobile. This version of app is awesome that’s give you many music other than other music app.

Higly secured and user interface is awesome

So many people are installed this app because this app is very much secured. So you can also install this app on your device. This app did not take your personal information or any information. You can freely use this app is without any fear of security. This is very much secured so many people install this app. Because of this trust trust you can also install this app from my website. So latest version of this app so run smoothly on your device.

This app did not take up a lot of space. This app is very light, so it runs smoothly, and it is easy to use. Anyone can use it easily, and you can give responses with this app. It works quickly and without lag, and the app’s user interface and optimism are fantastic.

Resso is a wonderful app I have already told you. Now we will discuss about its inside awesome features. That you don’t know. But don’t worry. I will tell you everything one by one.

Comment and like feature

In Resso app you can like the music and can comment on this also.This feature give you opportunity to express your feeling and opinon on your.This make it very crazy. And you can share also.This will show you the number of people like this song.That helps you to best song.

Download feature

If you like any song, then you will download this song. This music app provides this type of special feature. And listen at any time. This feature is also awesome. If your net will expire, then you will be able to listen the song.

Exploring feature

You can explore also in this app. That helps you to find your favorite song that you want. Here so many categories. Like Bollywood, mix, artist and romantic song. And you can create your own playlist and add your own favorite artist song. Albums are also available. You can choose your own album that helps you to save time to find song.

Premium feature

This feature is very nice that provide you a lot of special offers. One of them is listening to offline music. And other one is ad skipping. Here a lot of plan helps you to give you best. And one-month free trial also giving.

You can get high quality song at very cheap price.Here is also stundent plan this is also awesome. Different types of plan is given what you want you can choose for month.Premium user will get extra benefit.

You can save your song also in this app. Resso provides you one of the best music features. You can listen to any music of any language. You can make your profile also. And helps you to search your favorite song.

These all features make this app famous. That’s why all people like this app. At the end we will again saying you to install this app. Don’t go anywhere. This app is on my site also. Please download this app.


So, this app is very famous because of its amazing features and hope you will also like it and install on your device. Thanks for reading this and like comment and share it. And for more these types of articles you can come on my website. You will always get always some useful information to make your life more better.I hope we will meet you soon.Thanks…

Is Resso app free?

Yes guys. Ratio app is free for 30 days for new users, after that you have to pay Rs.19. After the trial is over. If you want to buy subscription.

Is Resso an Indian app?

Friends Resso is made by ByteDance company and that company is Chinese company. That’s why Resso app is not an Indian app. But its service is available in India.

Which country app is Resso?

Friends, as I told you, the Resso app is a Chinese app and it is providing this service in India, Indonesia, USA and many other countries.

Who owns Resso?

Friends, its owner is ByteDance Company. And it is a Chinese company.

Is Resso app Chinese?

Yes friends, this is a Chinese company because ByteDance is a Chinese company which is the parent of Tik Tok.

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